Reach Out to your customers, In the language they understand.

India’s No. 1 Mobile Newspaper, NewsHunt offers a rich and comprehensive platform to tap the rapidly growing mobile consumers. NewsHunt offers serious mobile consumers spread across every corner of India and aboard. With top 30 Indian dailies in 9 languages on board, NewsHunt has the optimal mix of subscribers from India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, US, etc.

With features like ‘Click to Call’, ‘Click to SMS’ and ‘Click to Open Website’, Mobile Advertising on NewsHunt offers the Advertiser one of the best and easiest way to reach out to the end user with rich and attention grabbing display Ads along with traditional Text Ads.

With the capability of targeting the mobile advertisements based on Newspapers, News Categories, Countries, Handsets, etc, the advertisers can take their messages to the specific target audience with ease!

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